Every Day Diffusing of Essential Oils

January 22, 2020

Written by Sarah Orth

Every Day Diffusing of Essential Oils

Essential Oils and SmellIt’s long been known that certain scents react with the brain and senses.  This is the reason a certain smell can energize or calm the body, lift the spirits and give comfort.  Maybe it is the smell of homemade chicken soup when you have a cold or a fresh pumpkin pie baking during the holidays.  We are influenced by smells every day.  This happens when the smell receptors are stimulated in our nose, which then sends messages through the nervous system to the limbic system.  This is the part of the brain that controls emotions.

Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

So, what about using essential oils by diffusing them into the air??  When we start to look at plants as medicine, this makes perfect sense.  Essential oils have been used for close to 6,000 years to help improve a person’s health or mood.  Diffusing is a simple way of using these healing oils in your everyday life and with a plethora of oils to choose from, there is something for everyone.  Just like getting dressed and brushing my teeth, starting my diffuser is a daily starting point for me.   A range of oils have antimicrobial properties that help to cleanse the air and are perfect during that pesky cold and flu season, others are great when you need an energy boost. Feel a headache coming on?  There is an oil that can help with that too.

How to Use Essential Oil Diffusers

You now know a little about how the olfactory system works but how do you get started diffusing oils?  The first step is to choose your diffuser.  Personally, I keep one in my main living area as well as the bedrooms.  Luckily, there are styles to match any décor so you won’t be disappointed.  The next step is to choose what oils you want to have on hand.  Feel like you want an energy boost in the morning?  Grab a bottle of lemon (or other citrus oil).  Have a headache?  peppermint and lavender will take that away.  During cold and flu season, prevention is key so diffusing oils like cinnamon, clove, lemon, and orange can help to keep the air clean.  In the event, someone in my house does end up sick, I support them with oils like Frankincense (big immune booster plus respiratory support) and Oregano.  When its bedtime, who doesn’t love a relaxing environment to snuggle into?  Lavender, roman chamomile and bergamot will help.  From here, add 5-6 drops of oil to your diffuser and enjoy!

Kokokahn Pure Essential Oils ShopThe oils listed above are just the tip of the iceberg on options.  There are hundreds of single oils as well as perfect blends like Purify and Release Anxiety.  My personal favorite right now is Holiday Zen.  Whatever you choose, make sure to chat with a knowledgeable aromatherapist about any questions you have.


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