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As a former college athlete and now a mom of 3, Sarah fully understands the importance of healthy living. After graduating with a degree in Excercise and Health Sciences in 2001, she worked in health services for 6 years. With her strong passion for holistic living and experience in the medical field, Sarah developed Better Balance Fitness and Wellness in 2008 to empower, education and enable clients toward a healthy, vibrant life with a natural perspective. Learn more about Sarah and connect with her on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BetterBalanceFitness/

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Every Day Diffusing of Essential Oils

It’s long been known that certain scents react with the brain and senses.  This is the reason a certain smell can energize or calm the body, lift the spirits and give comfort.  Maybe it is the smell of homemade chicken soup when you have a cold or a fresh pumpkin […]

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