Essentials Oils Wholesale

Essentials Oils Wholesale

Kokokahn Wholesale Aromatherapy VibologyAre you considering an essential oils wholesale program? Of course, we know you have a lot to contemplate. Also, we understand you have important questions. For example — How will Kokokahn essential oils benefit my customers? With that in mind, we invite you to learn more about our essential oils wholesale program. Understandably, you’ll want to know how they can benefit your store or spa. Maybe you want high-quality products in your wellness center. Perhaps you need environmentally smart products for your natural eco-gift shop or environmentally conscious boutique.

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Why Consider Kokokahn’s Essential Oils Wholesale Program?

Our mission is to provide high-quality, therapeutic and eco-responsible products. At heart, we believe people, animals, and the environment deserve our best. In our actions, our dedication motivates our practices. Founder, Traci Dalrymple’s extensive experience inspires the philosophy behind Kokokahn. We source wildcrafted, unsprayed, or certified organic essential oils and unrefined, certified organic ingredients, like jojoba oil. You can trust that you’ll provide your customers with the purest quality products available.

What Support Can I Expect From The Essential Oils Wholesale Program?Kokokahn Essential Oil Blends

In short…you can count on us every step of the way! Why? Because we are committed to our retailers! We proactively support each one of our partners. Why? Because we genuinely appreciate you! Not to mention, your success is our goal! So, you can count on us to answer your questions. And, you can count on us to help with your concerns. In addition, we aim to meet your business needs. Toward these goals, you can count on us to wholeheartedly support your progress. We are happy to provide staff training, education, and promotional materials. Contact Us to learn more.

Are Kokokahn’s Essential Oils Pure?

Yes, because our core priority is a pure and therapeutically high-quality product. So, we use GC/MC testing procedures.  This is the science behind essential oils and the only way to know for sure that an essential oil is pure and therapeutic.  Learn more about GC/MS testing and our essential oil quality.

Can I Trust How Kokokahn’s Products Are Crafted?

Yes, and this is an important topic! So,we’re really glad you asked. We take pride in our manufacturing processes! We handcraft all of our aromatherapy products and essential oils in micro-batches. So, all of the products you purchase for your spa, eco-friendly gift shop or retail store are very fresh. The quality of our products begins with the quality of the ingredients we source. We have a high-quality control process that begins with sourcing quality ingredients and essential oils and continues thru to crafting each and every product. This process results in a superior product you and your customers can trust.

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What are the Advantages of Kokokahn’s Wholesale Program?

Low order minimums
Discounted bundles
Free shipping on opening orders over $500
Shelf talkers to support retail sales
Service protocols and back bar sizes of select products for spas

How Does Kokokahn Support Green Practices?

We are passionate about minimizing our social and environmental impact and creating eco-products. Our philosophy is well grounded in green practices. For example, we never use parabens or dyes. We never use sulfates or phthalates. We are a Cruelty-Free company accredited by Leaping Bunny and PETA.  We never test our products on animals. We only use Cruelty-Free suppliers. Kokokahn is a Green America Certified Business. We package our products in recyclable glass or PET plastic. These are just a few of our sustainable and eco-conscious practices. Learn more about our green practices.

What Are My Essential Oils Wholesale Options?

You can choose from over 100 products including essential oils, essential oil blends, skin care, aromatherapy inhalers and roll ons. You’re sure to find just what your customers want and need. Just let us know what you have in mind! We have over 75 essential oil options, single notes, and essential oil blends. And every year we add new products to our essential oils wholesale options. We hope you’ll choose Kokokahn’s essential oils wholesale program for your spa, eco-gift shop, wellness center or retail store.

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Contact us for a wholesale price list and catalog. We welcome your questions! Just drop us a line and let us know how we can help!

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