How to Make Beard Oil for Dry Beards

November 19, 2019

Written by Hannah Bulicsek

How to Make Beard Oil for Dry Beards

The joys of autumn! To me, the air always smells and seems differently during fall. Everyone seems to be in better spirits now that the dreaded Florida heat is coming to a close (I’m sure other states can relate, maybe just not as much as the sunshine one!). We can finally down our beautiful sweaters, enjoy campfires, and stuff our faces with comfort food. In a previous blog post, I mentioned there is rarely anything wrong with this gorgeous season besides the potential to wreak havoc on our immune systems.

Well, sadly, I feel as though I may have come up with only one more tiny flaw with autumn: dryness. Autumn can cause scalp and skin dryness. We have several recipes on what essential oils are awesome for skin and hair dryness, however, we have yet to have any recipes on beards. So for today’s blog, I will be sharing an incredible beard oil that moisturizes beards. This wonderful-smelling, all-natural blend will be sure to keep your beard hydrated and happy. Men, you deserve a clean, moisturized beard!

Ingredients for Beard Oil with Essential Oils:

2 ounce PET plastic or glass container
2 T. Coconut Oil
2 T. Jojoba Oil
3 Drops Orange
3 drops Vetiver
4 drops Rosemary
4 drops Lavender

DIY Beard Oil Recipe Directions:

Measure the coconut and jojoba oil into a small glass dish. Add all of the essential oil drops. Mix well with the pointed end of a knife or a glass stir rod. Pour mixture into a 2-ounce container.

How to Use Your Homemade Beard Oil:

So this spectacular beard oil can be used daily! We recommend applying a light amount every day to condition and soften those lovely whiskers. The oils will not only moisturize the beard but act as mood boosters too! Lavender and vetiver are soothing, anti-stress oils. Orange is uplifting, and rosemary is great for concentration. Considering beards are under noses, the aromatherapeutic benefits of these oils will be continuously in effect, promoting an overall relaxed, focused mood! This calming blend is perfect for long days at the office or before a nice autumn hike.

Have you made a DIY beard oil before? Do you participate in No Shave November?

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