Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits

Kokokahn Essential Oils Clary Sage PlantClary sage essential oil is one of the best oils for women and it’s true calling is to support women’s issues. It has a sweet, herbaceous aroma with floral undertones. It is steam distilled from the flowers. The clary sage Kokokahn carries is from France and certified organic through the farmer. French clary sage essential oil is considered the best when compared to other countries of origin due to the climate and growing conditions.



Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits:

    • Helps ease menstrual cramps, PMS and menopause
    • Soothes depression, anxiety and stress
    • Good for oily skin helping to balance sebum production
    • Soothing emotionally and physically for asthma
    • Calms the mind and eases nervous tension
    • Pain soothing and relaxing effect during labor
    • Encourages creativity
    • Good for dandruff
    • Ellicits dreams
    • Euphoric bringing smiles and laughter

Read about ways to use clary sage essential oil

Nervous Tension + Anxiety Soother Roll On

.3 ounce Jojoba Oil
Roll On Bottle
1 drop Clary Sage Essential Oil
2 drops Lavender Essential Oil
1 drop Cypress Essential Oil
2 drops Orange Essential Oil

Add essential oil drops to empty roll on bottle. Add jojoba oil to the bottom of the neck of the roll on container. Firmly press the roller ball top into the glass bottle. Screw the black cap on. Apply to sides of neck, wrists and under nose once or twice daily to melt away nervous tension and anxiety.

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How do you use clary sage essential oil?  What’s your favorite benefit of clary sage?

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Traci is a Certified Aromatherapist with 18 years experience in essential oils, aromatherapy and product formulation. She is the Founder of Kokokahn Essential Oils. Learn more about Traci and her journey.

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