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Chakras are the subtle energy centers of our body.  There are 7 main Chakra centers that correspond to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  The goal is to keep them  balanced for optimal health.  Essential oils at low levels help balance the chakras.  Each circle in the picture below represents one of the Chakras.  In the descriptions of each Chakra I start with the Root Chakra at the base of the spine and work up in order to the Crown Chakra near the top of the head.  The energy passes through our whole body at these general points.

Chakra Balancing

The study of Chakras comes from India and is more than 4,000 years old.  Included below each Chakra description are essential oils that are beneficial.  Blending the essential oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond oil is important.  Using small amounts of essential oils in the blends allows the energy of the plants to be at the forefront instead of the aroma. Chakra oils can be used many ways.  Apply a small amount directly to the chakra.  Except for the Root and Crown Chakra, I like to put the oil on the front and back of the chakra that feels out of balance. They are wonderful to use in meditation or prayer.  I’ve used them often at the end of a yoga session.  Using them in a bath is another way to use them.   I prefer applying the oil directly to the Chakra before getting in the bath.

Root Chakra – Stay grounded in the Present focusing on releasing deep seated anger and emotions.

  • Vetiver:  Grounds and protects.  Unites body and spirit from Root to Crown Chakra
  • Sandalwood:  Supports meditation.  Reduces irritation and anger

Sacral Chakra – Center of creativity.  Sexual and emotional centers.

  • Ylang Ylang:  Promotes sensual awakening
  • Peppermint:  Stimulates new ideas and creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra – The source of our personal power.  Protect one’s self confidence, self-image and overall attitude.  Stressful events affect this Chakra the most.

  • Geranium:  Protects from disturbing energy
  • Sweet Basil:  Energetic protection.  Strengthens self confidence

Heart Chakra –  Be open and receptive to giving and receiving love.

  • Rose:  Soothes and heals the heart
  • Geranium:  Supports one’s ability to give and receive

Throat Chakra – Release unexpressed pent-up emotions opening communication

  • Lemon:  Promotes a sense of opening
  • Jasmine:  Relieves depression associated with emotional repression

Third Eye Chakra – Stimulate intuitive thinking.  Purify negative tendencies and release judgmental thoughts

  • Helichrysum:  Encourages intuition and creative dreaming
  • Sandalwood:  Brings us back to ourselves

Crown Chakra – Center of spirituality and enlightenment

  • Howood:  Spiritually healing
  • Elemi:  Enhances visualization and feelings of deep peacefulness


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A great book that I recommend for learning more about Chakras and Aromatherapy is Subtle Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis

Which Chakra do you resonate with?  Do you practice Yoga?  Have you ever worked with Chakras in yoga class or on your own?

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