The Story of Blackie

July 3, 2010

Written by Traci

The Story of Blackie

blackie the cat
I have a great story to tell about my kitty Blackie and his roll at Kokokahn.  Isn’t he handsome organic milk dripping from his chin and all!

Blackie came to us in Tucson, Arizona about 4 years ago.  Funny little (he’s actually pretty big!) guy he would chase our other kitty, Jennie, around the neighborhood crying for her like he was madly in love.  He was a stray and got in a lot of fights with the other stray kitties.  One day during a cold winter (imagine that in the desert, it even snowed that year!) he came to the patio door and let out the saddest cry of pain and help.  I’ll never forget that cry or the expression on his face.  He had a respiratory infection.  So we slowly got him to come inside and eventually live with us.  It took me a year and a half to get him to purr and almost a year before he trusted me enough to pick him up.

When we moved to Florida he started having horrible hot spots where his skin would get gooey and tacky and then scab over.  The hair would then fall out and was usually about the size of a half dollar.  So, I saw a perfect opportunity to brew something up for him.  I don’t think I mentioned he is very receptive to any help I try to give him.  We’ve used homeopathy with him and all kinds of supplements in his food and he just takes it all like a trooper knowing we just want to help him.

I started doing my homework but had a general idea of certain oils to use.  I definitely didn’t want to use essential oils because I knew cat’s kidneys couldn’t dispose of them and they could build up a toxicity.  I looked at all the wound healing carrier oils to make him a pet balm.  Baobab and Tamanu were the winners with all the research on their amazing ability to heal wounds.

It worked wonders on his hot spots and he loved it because it took the itchy, creepy-crawly feeling away.  You could see his body relax when I put it on him.  That was about 2 years ago and I have since shared it with friends and family.  Garfield (another kitty) had great results from a cut he got on his leg while frolicking outside.   Bailey, the Boxer, had hair patch losses which were helped with the balm.

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That’s the story of Blackie’s roll at Kokokahn.  I wonder if he knows he is helping other furry friends heal naturally?
Do you have any pet stories to share?

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