Stinky Feet Remedies

When I was a teenager I had the stinkiest feet ever!  I also had athlete’s feet which in hindsight was probably the main reason I had stinky feet.  Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection and there are a couple powerhouse anti-fungal essential oils that come to mind.  Lemongrass and Geranium both have strong anti-fungal properties.  They also smell wonderful together!  Lemongrass has the potential to be skin irritating so I don’t recommend putting it undiluted on the feet.

Suggestions for getting rid of stinky feet:

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Bye Bye Stinky Feet

What natural solutions have you found for stinky feet?
How do you use lemongrass and geranium essential oils?

3 Responses to Stinky Feet Remedies

  1. Thanks a lot for your remedy.
    Mother nature is the best remedy, I think.
    I'm using special cedarsoles to get rid of stinky feet. It's because of their menthol-like aroma and you just have to wear them inside your shoes. No daily applying.

  2. I love it! I never knew that lemongrass could be used to get rid of stinky feet. I saw the title and had to read this post, glad I did and I am sure a few of my loved ones will be thankful for your advice as well.

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