Red Mandarin Essential Oil Benefits

Red Mandarin Essential OilRed mandarin essential oil has a sweet, happy, citrusy aroma and brings an uplifting, joyful mood. Mandarin is a happy oil and a good respiratory and immune supporter during cold and flu season. It helps during times of grief and sadness. Mandarin is also incredible at melting away daily stresses and reducing anxiety. Red mandarin essential oil is gentle enough for children, pregnant women, and the elderly as a soother for upset tummies. Mandarins are a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in China and Japan and are given as gifts during the New Year. Even though tangerines and mandarins are the same species and genus, mandarins are more complex and are the older fruit of the two. Comparing an heirloom tomato to a regular tomato is the best way to describe these two oils from one another.

Red Mandarin Uses

• Diffuse in the home for babies, pregnant moms, or elderly with upset tummies
• To soothe sore throats – put 1 drop in a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head with a towel and steam for 2 to 5 minute.
• Hiccup Soother- Add 1 to 2 drops to a cotton ball and inhale deeply
• Works well for jetlag
• At work, diffuse 3 drops Mandarin, 1 drop Lavender and 1 drop Clary Sage to calm stress and anxiety
• Wear on essential oil jewelry to breathe it in throughout the day
• Relaxing and calming enough to encourage sleep; just add 1 drop to bed sheetsMandarin Essential Oil
• Calms pain

Because I’m Happy Diffuser Blend

• 3 drops Red Mandarin Essential Oil
• 1 drop Bergamot Essential Oil
• 1 drop Grapefruit Essential Oil
• 1 drop Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Add essential oils drops to a diffuser when there is sadness, grief or depression in the home.

The mandarin essential oil we offer is red mandarin from South Africa and certified organic through the farmer. Red mandarin is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit when the fruit is mature. There is also a green mandarin essential oil that is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit when it is still young and not yet ripe. Red mandarin essential oil, like all cold pressed citrus oils, has a short shelf life and should be used within 1 year of purchase. It is also recommended to store it in the fridge to keep the integrity of the oil intact and get the full shelf life of the oil. Mandarin oil has a strong potential for skin irritation if it becomes oxidized. Be sure to keep your cap on tight and store in the fridge to keep oxidation at bay.

Do not use on skin undiluted. Essential oils should never be used undiluted on children’s skin. Do not use essential oils topically at all with children under the age of 2. Animals are sensitive to essential oils, especially cats and smaller furry friends. Never put essential oils on cats or other small pets fur. When using essential oils with dogs or other animals consult a holistic vet for advice on how to use them safely. 

What are the red mandarin uses you’re excited to try? 

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