Peppermint Essential Oil for the Holidays

Essential Oils - Peppermint Oil

Ways to use Peppermint Essential Oil for the Holidays:

  • Upset tummies from too much good food
  • Pick me up and energize
  • Keeping colds at bay
  • Concentration & focus
  • Stress headaches

How to use Peppermint Essential Oil for the Holidays.

  • 2 drops on the shower floor before you step in to keep colds at bay
  • 1 drop on a cotton ball and put in your car to help you concentrate and focus while driving
  • Diffuse 4 to 5 drops in an Aromatherapy Diffuser for some Holiday cheer
  • Add 5 drops to 2 Tablespoons jojoba oil or lotion.  Mix well and rub on upset tummies.
    Use this same mixture to rub on temples and back of necks for stress headaches

Some Safety considerations to remember when using peppermint essential oil:
Peppermint can be skin irritating, so I don’t recommend bathing in it or using it undiluted on the skin.  If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test with one of the recipes above on the inside of your arm and wait 20 minutes to see if you have a reaction.  Peppermint is also not recommended for pregnant women or children under the age of 5 as it can be too stimulating for them.  It can also antidote homeopathic remedies, so best to avoid Peppermint if you are taking them.

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