Jojoba Oil Benefits

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Jojoba oil has many skin benefits and is a popular choice for aromatherapy for many reasons.  Scientifically jojoba oil is a wax not a vegetable oil giving it an indefinite shelf life and resistance to heat and sunlight.  This is one of the reasons I love to use it in product formulations.  When purchasing jojoba oil always make sure to get a cold pressed, unrefined oil.  It should be a bright golden color.  A pale color indicates refining and many of the benefits listed here would be compromised.  Here’s a list of some of it’s benefits.

  • Good for softening skin and restoring elasticity
  • A great conditioner for your hair and scalp
  • Safe and effective for facial skin care
  • Safe and gentle for babies
  • Provides relief for psoriasis
  • Most closely resembles our own skin’s sebum or oil
  • Absorbs quickly helping to deliver the essential oils to your bloodstream and cells
  • Doesn’t stain sheets or linens

We carry unrefined, cold pressed, organic jojoba oil in 1oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz sizes.

7 Responses to Jojoba Oil Benefits

  1. Hi Carol, there is a world-wide shortage of Jojoba oil. It is farmed and harvested in North and South America. With harvests in the Fall for North America and Spring (or South America's Fall) for South America. South America had a poor harvest this past Spring, but the North American harvest looks promising for this fall.

  2. I hope this shortage of Jojoba oil will be sustained by actual farms and other renewable resources, not by those that can be found on the wild. I enjoy filling my room with it's scent – especially after enjoying a relaxing massage!

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