Cooling Homemade Body Spray

Lavender-FieldsKokokahn’s homemade body spray recipe is the perfect addition to your summer aromatherapy collection. It’s hot outside, and you’ll love the cooling sensation of lavender  and peppermint essential oil. Together, they create a soothing synergy to rescue you from the summer heat. Ok, maybe they can’t actually rescue you, it is, after all, summer. But, you’ll definitely enjoy the refreshing comfort these two essential oils naturally provide.

Why add Soothing Lavender Essential Oil to Homemade Body Spray?

Lavender essential oil has so many therapeutic properties to talk about. For now, let’s focus on its benefits in a soothing homemade body spray. Summer aromatherapy with lavender essential oil is naturally beneficial for hot weather. And it’s a trusted, holistic relief for rashes, bugs, bites, and skin irritations. Sweat, not to mention bugs, can cause rashes, and skin irritations that are uncomfortable, to say the least. That’s why lavender essential oil is the perfect go to for this cooling homemade body spray. This DIY recipe is calming and soothing on itchy, burning skin. Also, it’s rejuvenating and restorative to keep you feeling comfy. Summer can be so exciting! It’s also hectic too. In addition to lavender essential oil’s benefits for skin, it also supports restful sleep and helps relieve stress and anxiety. Learn more about lavender oil uses here.

Why use Cooling Peppermint Essential Oil in Homemade Body Spray?

Perhaps nothing says “cool” like peppermint essential oil. There is hardly a comparison for its refreshing sensation on the skin. You can feel It’s uplifting, invigorating aroma. Bonus, Its holistic and energizing properties also promote concentration and focus. Seems to be, there is no end to the countless benefits of peppermint essential oil. So, it’s an essential staple of summer aromatherapy support. Also, it’s a powerful antiseptic and good for headaches. It’s really helpful for soothing upset tummies too, so you can enjoy every activity you want to throughout the summer months.

How to Make Cooling Homemade Body Spray

It couldn’t be easier to make this simple cooling homemade body spray at home. DIY and enjoy throughout the summer and all year long. First, you’ll need the following items:

Next, just add the distilled water to the PET plastic spray bottle. Using a funnel is most helpful. Then, add the lavender and peppermint essential oil drops. Now, you’re ready to add the aloe gel, again, using a funnel. Simply cap the PET bottle, shake well, and voila, you’ve made your own homemade body spray!  Just spritz on your face, neck, body, or bottom of your feet when feeling hot or stressed. Shake before each use to enjoy the calming, cooling relief anytime you need it.

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