Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt is considered the purest salt in the world coming from the Himalayan mountains where there is hardly any pollution.  They are hand mined instead of dynamite blasted contributing further to their purity.  Each lamp is unique and no two are alike.  They contain 84 minerals and elements like potassium, calcium and iron.  One of the qualities I love most is their beautiful pink colors.  These colors are created naturally due to their high mineral and iron content.

Salt Lamp Health Benefits:

  • Reduces indoor pollutants
  • Relieves sinus and allergy symptoms
  • Supports respiratory well being
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps maintain natural air quality
  • Absorbs pet and other odors
  • Brings serenity and calmness

They come in a variety of sizes.  Sizes are based on weight.  Small is best for 12×15 spaces, medium for 20×20 spaces and large for 25×25 spaces.  The key to receiving their health benefits is to leave them turned on all the time.  When they heat up they release negative ions in the air.   They run on a 15 watt bulb that is easy to replace when it burns out.  One thing to be aware of is they absorb everything, including water.  So, it’s best not to put them outside or near a water source.  If you turn them off they may release some of the water they absorb, so be sure to put them on a table that won’t be damaged.

Please visit our store to purchase your own Himalayan Salt Lamp.

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