Chakra Balancing

June 23, 2015

Written by Shelly Thompson

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing Lotus
Finding balance within can often be challenging when outside pressures surround and compete for your attention. Maintaining a healthy inner-self balance is an integral component to overall well-being. Chakra balancing may be just the therapy you need to help keep your inner-self in check!

For over 4,000 years, the study and art of Chakra balancing has been revered and practiced in India, and utilized for balancing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. It is increasingly becoming a wide-spread practice all over the world.

What are Chakras?

Please don’t feel out of the know if you are asking yourself this question! Curiosity sparks learning, which ultimately leads to personal growth. In essence, Chakras are the subtle energy centers in the body. Our inner Chakra Locations On The Bodyenergy ebbs and flows, coming and going throughout the matrix of the 7 recognized main Chakra centers that are located from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each of the 7 centers correlates with our personal physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Are My Chakras Out of Balance?

Wide held beliefs suggest that when your Chakra is blocked, or out of balance in one area, it affects the others as well, as your energy is unable to flow naturally. Some people describe it as feeling “off”, or an inner sense that things are not “right”. Others believe that emotional and physical manifestations can occur as a result of inner turmoil and imbalance.

How Can I Promote a Sense of Health and Well-Being?

Kokokahn’s synergistic blends of essential oils specific to each chakra with jojoba oil can be beneficial for Chakra balancing. The Chakra Oils from Kokokhan are for topical anointment and blended at a low dilution, allowing the natural energy of the plant to release, producing a soft, calming aroma.

How Can I use Chakra Balancing Oils?

You can use Chakra balancing oils in a variety of ways. Applying a small amount directly on the front and back of the Chakra that feels out of balance can be helpful, with the exception of the Root and Crown Chakra. For overall Chakra balancing, begin with the Root Chakra at the base of the spine and work upwards in order to the Crown Chakra, near the top of the head, to open the passageway for energy to circulate through your whole body. Chakra balancing oils are the perfect complement to affirmations, meditation and prayer, after Yoga, during massage, or in a bath for overall relaxation.

Kokokahn Chakra Balancing Oils

Which Chakra Balancing Oils Should I Use, and How?

Kokokhan offers Chakra Balancing oils individually, or as a full set. Below the directions is a list of the essential oils in each chakra balancing blend and how they support each chakra.  There is also an affirmation for each of our 7 Chakra balancing oils.  All of our chakra blends are blended in an unrefined, organic jojoba oil base.

To use Kokokahn’s chakra balancing oils, simply apply directly to the chakra point location and repeat the affirmation provided or an affirmation or prayer of your choosing.

Root Chakra ImageRoot Chakra – Helps one to stay grounded in the Present and focus on releasing deep-seated anger and emotions.

Located at the base of the spine

Affirmation: I am grounded and in the Present moment

Sacral Chakra ImageSacral Chakra – Center of creativity. Sexual and emotional centers.

Located below the belly button

Affirmation: Creativity flows through me effortlessly. What I make matters.

Solar Plexus Chakra ImageSolar Plexus Chakra – The source of our personal power. Helps to protect one’s self confidence, self-image and overall attitude. Stressful events may affect this Chakra the most.

Located above the belly button
Affirmation: I am strong, centered and determined.

Heart Chakra ImageHeart Chakra – Be open and receptive to giving and receiving love.

  • Rose Essential Oil: Promotes soothing and healing of the feelings of the heart
  • Geranium Essential Oil: Supports one’s ability to give and receive
  • Neroli Essential Oil: Calms and soothes the heart
  • Jasmine Essential Oil: Helps balance the upper & lower chakra
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Encourages joy and happiness

Located over the heart
Affirmation: I am open to receiving love

Throat Chakra ImageThroat Chakra – Release unexpressed pent-up emotions opening communication.

  • Lemon Essential Oil: Promotes a sense of opening
  • German Chamomile Essential Oil: Soothes and strengthens allowing one to communicate the truth without anger or bitterness.
  • Bergamot Essential Oil: Uplifting, helpful for stress and depression. Helps release repressed emotions.

Located in the middle of the throat
Affirmation: I express myself with clear intent

Third Eye Chakra ImageThird Eye Chakra – Stimulate intuitive thinking. Beneficial for purifying negative tendencies and releasing judgmental thoughts.

  • Helichrysum Essential Oil: Encourages intuition and creative dreaming
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil: Helps bring us back to ourselves
  • Cypress Essential Oil: Purifies and cleanses psychically

Located between the eyebrows
Affirmation: I am the source for creating the life I want

Crown Chakra ImageCrown Chakra – Center of spirituality and enlightenment.

  • Elemi Essential Oil: Enhances visualization and feelings of deep peacefulness
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: Helps calm anger and anxiety. Good for mediation and supporting the Root and Crown Chakras
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Stimulates consciousness and spirituality

Located on the top center of the head
Affirmation: I trust my inner compass to guide my next step

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