Essential Oil Recipes

Essential Oil Recipes

DIY Essential Oil Recipes

Aromatherapy Recipes

Are you a DIY person? Do you like to create personalized essential oil recipes for gifts, yourself or family? Search our wide range of DIY essential oil recipes to create your own therapeutic aromatherapy blends. Cleaning recipes, cellulite remedies and hot flash sprays are some of our most popular recipes.  Click on each link below for essential oil recipes by category.

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For Pets
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For The Body
For Children

It is important to use high quality pure essential oils when making your own aromatherapy products. If an essential oil is diluted with synthetic fragrance oils or it has pesticides and herbicides in it, the therapeutic values are rendered useless. All of Kokokahn’s essential oils are of the highest quality and are GC/MS tested to ensure purity and the highest therapeutic quality. Our essential oils are wildcrafted, unsprayed or certified organic through the farmers we purchase them from.

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