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4 Sleep Essential Oils

Sleep Oils Kokokahn Pure Essential OilsSummertime can bring upon stress, making sleep rather difficult. Essential oils for sleep not only help bring upon rest but provide great relief from daily anxieties and worries. Our featured May Essential Oil Spotlights are Patchouli, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender; some of the best, well known, sleepy time oils.

1. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil is a favorite among many and quiets the mind while reducing worry. Patchouli has a grounding, earthy aroma that has been called the “hippie oil’ due to its popularity in the 60s among the free spirited. This essential oil is cicatrisant and has incredible skin healing properties for scars, wound healing, and moisturizing.

Scar Healing Oil Blend

1oz pump container, glass or PET plastic
1oz Jojoba Oil
7 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
7 drops Lavender Essential Oil
7 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
Add jojoba oil to container. Add essential oil drops. Cap and shake. Apply at least once daily.

3 Ways to Use Patchouli Essential Oil

Add 4 or 5 drops to an evening bath
Add 4-5 drops to a diffuser
Put 1 drop on a cotton ball and inhale deeply when feeling anxious

2. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile has a beautiful aroma with a flowery, sweeter smell and is one of the gentlest essential oils. Roman chamomile’s chemistry differs from german chamomile’s, with roman chamomile being stronger in aiding digestion and soothing muscle spasms. This oil is incredible for sleep as well as soothing for anxiety. It promotes harmony and peace and is moisturizing for dry skin.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Tummy Tension Soother

1 ounce Jojoba Oil
4 drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
2 drop Clary Sage Essential Oil
4 drops Lavender Essential Oil
Add essential oil drops to the jojoba oil. Cap and shake well. Apply to abdomen when tension and stress create discomfort in the tummy.
Apply a label with the date you created your blend. This blend will last 1 to 2 years when stored in a cool dark location.

3 Ways to Use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

To unwind and relax before bed, add 1 drop to bedsheets
Diffuse 3-4 drops in a diffuser to promote calm, peace and harmony in the home
Put 1 drop on a cotton ball and inhale deeply to soothe upset tummies

3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang essential oil is another great essential oil for sleep. Ylang ylang not only promotes sleep, but soothes anger, shock, and stress. This essential oil is also an aphrodisiac as well as containing euphoric and uplifting effects. Use ylang ylang with caution as too much can cause a headache with its strong, floral aroma.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oils Kokokahn Pure Essential OilsHair Loss Conditioner

2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
5 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
5 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
Add essential oil drops to coconut oil. Mix well. Massage into scalp and hair 2 to 3 times weekly as an overnight hair conditioner.

4 Ways to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

To promote relaxation and to use as an aphrodisiac, add 1 drop to bedsheets
When there is an onset of anxiety and stress, add 1 drop to a cotton ball and inhale deeply
Add 2 to 3 drops to a warm evening bath
Add 3 to 4 drops to 1 ounce of your face cream

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Kokokahn Essential Oils

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for sleep. Our Lavender is certified organic through the farmer we source from.  It is from Provence, France which produces some of the most beautiful lavender oil from the high altitudes and growing conditions. Lavender essential oil has many therapeutic benefits. This emotionally balancing oil helps promote sleep, soothes stress, and helps heal bug bites and rashes.

Skin Rash Soother

1 ounce Aloe Gel
6 drops Lavender Essential Oil
4 drops Geranium Essential Oil
2 drops Blue Tansy Essential Oil
2 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
Pour carrier ingredient into a PET plastic or glass container. Add essential oil drops. Cap and shake. Apply to skin rashes twice daily to soothe the itch and help heal.

5 Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Diffuse on nightstand for relaxation, detox from stress, and promoting sleep
Put 1 drop in your bed sheets to encourage a restful night’s sleep
Apply 1 drop to a cotton ball and rub on bug bites to soothe and stop the itch
Add 4 to 5 drops to a warm evening bath
Great for diffuser blending. Experiment in the diffuser with another oil or two. Only diffuse 4-5 drops of all oils total

Dream Time Essential Oil Blend

Dream Time is a sleep blend with ylang ylang, patchouli, lavender, and roman chamomile. Patchouli and ylang ylang are aphrodisiacs. Add one drop to bed sheets to spice up the bedroom. For topical use it is important to always dilute in a carrier oil like coconut oil. Make a topical chest rub with 8-10 drops of Dream Time in 1 ounce jojoba oil for a relaxing night’s rest.

What oils do you use for sleep? Which sleepy oil is your favorite?

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