Over the years we have tried and collected many essential oil recipes for the body. These are some of our favorites that I think you will find effective and beneficial.

Homemade Hand SanitizerHomemade Hand Sanitizer Kokokahn Pure Essential Oils

Add essential oil drops to spray bottle. Add aloe gel to container using a funnel. Cap and shake. Carry in your purse or pop in your children’s backpacks for school. Perfect for traveling!

Stress and Tension Headache Relief

1d. Clary Sage Essential Oil
2d. Sweet Basil (ct linalol)
3d. Lavender Essential Oil
.3oz Jojoba Oil

Add essential oil drops to an empty roll on bottle.  Fill with jojoba oil. Cap and shake. Roll on temples and back of neck to soothe stress and tension headaches.

Digestive Relief Aromatherapy Recipe

Nausea Relief

There are several essential oils that are supportive to the digestive tract and help to soothe and relieve nausea, bloating and other digestive discomfort. A great blend to have on hand when upset tummies come on. Great for car and sea sickness too.

Add essential oil drops to aloe gel. Cap and shake well.  Rub on your tummy when nausea or digestive issues set in.  Write the name and date on a label and apply to the bottle for future reference. Store in a cool, dry place.  This blend has approximately a 1 year shelf life when stored in the refrigerator.

For pregnant women and children ages 2-5 use the recipe below.
Using essential oils topically with children under 2 is not recommended.

Cooling Aromatherapy Body Spritzer

Aloe Plant

Add distilled water to bottle using a funnel. Add essential oil drops. Add aloe gel using a funnel. Cap and shake. Spritz on your face, neck or bottom of your feet when feeling hot or stressed. Shake before each use.

Home Remedy for Cellulite

Add essential oil drops to container. Add aloe gel. Cap and shake. Apply once or twice daily to cellulite.  Lemon and grapefruit essential oils are phototoxic.  This blend should not be put on before going into the sun or a tanning bed.  Best to use nightly before bed.

Hair Loss ShampooRosemary Essential Oil for Hair Loss

OR – 4 ounces of your preferred shampoo base

Using a funnel pour the castille soap into the container. Add all the essential oil drops. Pour the aloe gel in to the container. Cap and shake. Use as a daily hair loss shampoo.

Hair Loss Conditioner

Add essential oil drops to coconut oil. Mix well. Massage into scalp and hair 2 to 3 times weekly as an overnight hair conditioner. Coconut oil is a soft butter and has a melting point of about 75 degrees. In the winter it may solidify. If it does, take it into the shower with you so it can melt from the shower steam.


Hot Flash SprayHot Flash Spray

Add essential oil drops to 2oz bottle. Fill with 2oz distilled water. Cap and shake. Spritz on face when feeling a hot flash.

 Fighting Fatigue

Add jojoba oil to container. Add essential oil drops. Cap and shake. Apply once or twice daily to chest and under nose.

Menstrual Cramp Relief

Add jojoba oil to container. Add essential oil drops. Cap and shake. Apply to lower abdomen once or twice daily 1 week prior to your period and during your period.

We offer jojoba oil in a 1oz size that you can simply add essential oil drops to.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Bergamot Essential Oil for Restless Leg Syndrome

Pour jojoba oil into a PET plastic container using a funnel. We also offer jojoba oil for sale in a 1 ounce size that you can simply add the essential oil drops to. Add lavender and bergamot essential oil drops. Cap and shake. Apply to legs before bed.


Foot Soak for Fungus

Add essential oil drops and himalayan pink salts to a warm foot bath. Soak for 20 minutes daily.

Bookmark this page and check back often as we will continue to add essential oil recipes for the body periodically.


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  2. About a week ago you posted a recipe for using coconut oil and some essential oils for hair loss. What is the recipe.

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