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Himalayan Salt Lamp Massage Bowl of Hearts

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Kokokahn's Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with hand carved heart shaped salt pieces weighs 10-12 pounds and is best for room sizes 20x20 or smaller.

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Kokokahn's Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with 5 hand carved heart shapes. Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowls weigh 6-8 pounds and are best for room sizes 20x20 or smaller. The bowls are approximately 6-7 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall.

The hand carved hearts can be used for a hot stone massage.

Holistic Health Benefits:

  • Soothes sinus and allergy symptoms
  • Helps purify the air in the home
  • Brings serenity and calmness
  • Helps absorb pet and other odors
  • Supports respiratory well being

Himalayan salt lamps are pink naturally from their high mineral and iron content. They are hand mined from the Himalayan mountain rage. Each lamp is unique and may differ slightly from the picture shown.

[tab name="How to Use"]

To receive the health benefits leave your lamps on continuously. They heat up and emit negative ions and fine particles of salt in the air supporting a healthy environment. If you turn your salt lamp off, make sure to put it on a surface that won't be damaged if they sweat. It is also recommended to put a plastic bag over the top to protect them from moisture in the air. This will also keep them from sweating. Because they are salt they absorb everything including water. While they are plugged in, you don't have to worry about them sweating. Only when you turn them off. Not recommended for outside use in a humid location or near water sources in the home.

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Sizes are based on weight.

Mini, small, and bowl salt lamps use a 15 watt bulb. Medium and large salt lamps use a 25 watt bulb. Bulbs and cords are included with each lamp you purchase.

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