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Make your own aromatherapy inhalers with our blank aromatherapy inhalers in white.

Put the cotton wick on a plate. Add 10 drops total of any one or combination of essential oils. Put the cotton wick inside the inner inhaler tube. Pop the cap on the bottom. Insert in nose and inhale deeply.

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Respiratory Support Inhaler

3d. Black Spruce Essential Oil

3d. Frankincense Essential Oil

1d. Spearmint Essential Oil

3d. Spike Lavender Essential Oil

1 Blank Aromatherapy Inhaler

Put the cotton wick on a plate. Add essential oil drops. Soak up all the oil with the tip of the cotton wick off the plate. Put cotton wick inside inner tube. Pop cap on. Use when tickly coughs are present or to open breathing airways.

This is a great inhaler blend for kids and people with sensitive respiratory conditions.

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