Kokokahn Partners with Arcadia Power

kokokahn-arcadiapowerAt Kokokahn we support an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and to help encourage this, we are offering a $40 Kokokahn gift certificate to anyone that signs up for clean energy at home via our partner Arcadia Power.

This year your home on average will spew 4,000 pounds of coal and release nearly 10,000 pounds of destructive C02 greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. This equates to the same as driving an extra 11,000 miles a year, or cutting down 190 trees.

But here is the good news. Just one click can help bring that number to ZERO no matter where you live.


Our clean energy partner Arcadia Power, is a new, nation-wide renewable energy supplier, that links up with your local utility to buy clean energy from their partner wind farms. They’re a first-of-its-kind company, providing clean energy to homeowners and apartment-dwellers through their monthly utility bill for on average less than a quarter more a day. They’re able to do this by accessing the same clean energy markets that Apple and Whole Foods use to purchase their clean energy – but they’re doing it for regular folks across the country.

To sign up and learn more visit Arcadia Power’s website.  Be sure to use code ARCADIA15 to receive your Kokokahn gift certificate in your welcome packet.


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