Holiday Aromatherapy Gifts for You and Your Family!

Kokokahn is ready for the holidays, are you? Here at Kokokahn, you can get all your holiday aromatherapy gift shopping done and even treat yourself. This year, we are introducing the Essential Oil Ornament Gift Set. The Essential Oil Essential Oil Ornament Gift SetOrnament Gift Set includes a clay elephant diffusing ornament with our Purify Essential Oil Blend. This blend has four beneficial essential oils: cinnamon and clove with airborne antimicrobial properties, and orange and black spruce that help support your immune and respiratory systems. With the benefits of all these essential oils combined, our Purify Essential Oil Blend is perfect for cold and flu season. Adding a few drops of Purify to the elephant ornament in this gift set makes the house ready for holiday season with a nice, cinnamon and clove aroma, wonderful to place on your Christmas tree!

Aromatherapy Roll On Gift SetRoll ons are another addition to our holiday gift sets. An original value of $67.80, our Aromatherapy Roll On Gift Set is $49.95, wrapped and ready to give! The Aromatherapy Roll On Gift Set consists of Zen, Lavender, Headache, and Frankincense & Myrrh. Our Zen Roll On is good to relieve stress and anxiety, and to stay in the present moment. Zen can be rolled on the wrists, temples, and under the nose as a perfume or calming agent. Lavender’s holistic benefits include soothing minor cuts or wounds and bug bites, helping you to sleep, and even just wearing it as a perfume to combat stress. Our Headache Roll On is used for exactly what it sounds – to ease headaches and other pains with its anti-inflammatory essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender. Roll the Headache Roll On on temples, forehead and back of neck for relief. Frankincense and Myrrh has many benefits including anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, good for aging or dry skin, a grounding and calming effect, and excellent for prayer and spiritual healing. Wear our Frankincense and Myrrh Roll On to experience the lovely benefits. The Aromatherapy Roll On Gift Set can be perfect for friends, coworkers, and especially loved ones.

Another unique holiday aromatherapy gift idea is our Essential Oil Wool Dryer Ball Gift Set. Commercial dryer sheets contain toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc on our immune Essential oil wool dryer ball gift setsystems. With our wool dryer balls, they can be used up to 1,000 times! Helping save money over time, and giving you the advantage of selecting your own natural essential oils for your clothes. Clothes will be dryer 30-40% quicker and will have less static cling. The deal gets better, of course! Not only does this gift set contain two dryer balls, but also Cinnamon and Orange essential oils to really help your clothes smell fresh after coming out of the dryer. Environmentally safe, helps clothes dry quicker, and with holiday aromas of cinnamon and orange; who wouldn’t want such a convenient, fun gift? This gift is ideal for your eco-friendly partner, your parents, and yourself.

Stop by our retail store in North Port Florida today or shop our Holiday Gift Guide online to do some holiday shopping here at Kokokahn.

Happy Holidays to all from all of us at Kokokahn!

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